Territories: Track 5 (5:00)

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The Girl at the Window

"His heart leaped up and although he didn't know it then, it was how he would remember her most clearly forever after-lovely Susan, the girl at the window." Stephen King-Wizard and Glass

"What a beautiful album; Thank you for sharing it! Your music captures the haunting beauty of The Dark Tower perfectly. It will be your music I hear as I read the end of this series." - Mia-Anne, Fremont, NE

Nestled in the foothills, along the path of the beam, stands a small cottage. As you approach it, you notice the silhouette of a girl in the cottage's lone front window. Intrigued, you decide to take a closer look.

As you step up onto the first creaky stair leading to the front porch, the door swings open. In the doorway stands a girl. Her skin is very fair, almost like that of a china doll. Her large, brown eyes open wide with anticipation as she breaths, "Please, won't you come in?"

You try to guess the girl's age, but it is impossible. She possesses an ageless beauty the likes of which you have never seen.

You walk through the front door and enter a world of unexpected luxury. The cottage is spacious and well appointed, not at all what you would expect based on its shabby exterior. The smell of cinnamon wafts through the air and you notice that a sumptuous feast is spread out on the dining room table.

"Please, won't you join me?" the girl asks, as she beckons you towards the table.

You eat and drink and talk for hours. The food is fabulous and the conversation lively. Before you know it, the sun is setting and the horizon glows blood red as you look out the cottage's window.

As you say your thanks and begin to make your way towards the door, the girl steps into your path.

"I'm all alone here. Won't you please stay? At least for tonight?"

Your first reaction is to accept this wonderful invitation. You would gladly spend all the rest of your days here in this warm, wonderful oasis where food and companionship abound. But then, something catches your attention, and you become wary. It's just a small something … a look in the girl's eyes. A look that betrays her real age, and perhaps her real purpose.

You hastily step around the girl and walk out into the cool evening air. You continue quickly along the path of the Beam, afraid to look back until the cottage is well behind you and out of sight.

Unbeknownst to you, you have passed the first test in your quest. The girl, planted by the dark forces that want this world to move on, has failed.

Artist Note: For the most part, I only worked on one song at a time during this project. I would become completely immersed in a tune and could think of little else until it was complete. 'The Girl at the Window' didn't seem to care how I wanted to operate. I was nearing completion of 'On The Shore of the Western Sea' when the melody for 'Girl' came into my mind and wouldn't go away. I felt that the only way to complete 'Western Sea' was to get 'Girl' out of my head. It came out in a rush and was written more quickly than any other song. 'Western Sea' waited patiently and was finished a couple weeks afterward.

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