Territories: Track 4 (4:05)

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Prophecy of the Oracle

"A demon with no shape, only a kind of unformed sexual glare with the eye of prophecy." Stephen King-The Gunslinger

All tracks have a unique feel to them. I recommend this CD to anyone who likes the DT series. While not an official soundtrack, each track captures the essence of the subject in its title (in my imagination at least!)" - SD, Sprinfield, MA

Unexpectedly, your path through the forest opens up onto a small clearing where you find an unusual circle of stones. You pull up, just outside the circle, unsure how to proceed. As you stand, weighing your options, a strange force surrounds you. Against your will, you find yourself stepping into the circle.

Once inside the stones, an unseen, wanton presence spills over your body like warm honey. Your first reaction is to struggle and leave the circle, but your feet stay firmly rooted where they are. A soft, seductive voice whispers in your ear, "Please Stay. I have been alone for so long. If you help me, I will help you with your quest."

Your body slowly begins to relax and accept. When the presence finally withdraws, you stumble away from the stones. You are exhausted and spent, and can barely keep your feet, but your direction is now clear. An image of a dark, impossibly tall tower surrounded by a field of blood red roses is burnt into your mind. It is at this tower where your destiny awaits.

Artist Note: Completion of this piece was my Christmas present in 2002. Similar to Gilead, this song seemed to come easily. The unusual 6/4 time signature seemed to help give this song a more mysterious and unsettling feel. I felt this was an important song since Roland's encounter with the Oracle in book one helped to solidify his determination to reach the Dark Tower. To this day, I still get a bit creeped out when I listen to the ending of this piece. Some songs just seemed to write themselves.

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