Territories: Track 6 (4:34)

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On the Shore of the Western Sea

"It was a long distance from Gilead to the Western Sea-a thousand miles or more-but it had taken me over twenty years to cross that distance." Stephen King-The Waste Lands

"'On the Shore of the Western Sea' just put me right in Roland's boots as he made his journey along the beach to find the door of The Prisoner. The seaguls cawing and ocean waves rolling were just the perfect touches for the music that made me think of rising and setting suns over the horizon of an anicent and unknown ocean." - Anthony Schwethelm, Dark Tower Compendium

Your mind is working furiously, recounting the events of the last few days. It's all so incredible, the fact that you are here, wherever here truly is, and everything that has happened. In particular, you think about the girl (was it really a girl?) whom you just left. You are certain that you did the right thing in not accepting her invitation, but the fact is her cottage was warm and inviting, and you are cold, hungry, and lonely.

As you continue following the Beam, you come to a great ocean. The day is drawing to a close as you begin your walk along the beach.

The waves crash along the shore as the water swirls and gurgles around your feet, wet fingers reaching out and trying to drag you down into its dark, mysterious depths. While you can easily pull your feet out of the sea's grasp, your soul is not so lucky.

The continual lonely sound of the waves and the mournful cry of the sea birds drag you down further and further, your soul and your sanity ebbing away with the outgoing tide. "Oh God," you moan. "I just want to go home. Back to where things make sense. Back to the city and…"

You stop. Do you really want to go back? Back to the city that was as surely stealing your life away as this ocean was trying to do? Back to the everyday humdrum existence that was going to kill you with a heart attack before age 50?

Your good humor returns with a vengeance. This is the adventure of a lifetime, and you are determined to make the most of it. You find a small cave along the shore in which to stay for the night. You had better get a good nights rest. There's no telling how long this beach is, or when you will find civilization again.

Artist Note: The most melancholy of all of the songs on the 'Territories' project, 'Western Sea' was one of the more difficult to complete. I am a fairly upbeat person by nature and the time spent on this piece had me feeling a bit down. After taking a break at the bleakest part of the song to complete 'Girl', influences from Alan Parson's "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" helped me to make the transition from the desolate tone and ultimately finish the song with the feeling that the worst had been left behind.

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