Territories: Track 9 (3:47)

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Ka Like a Wind

"Ka like a wind, my father said, it takes what it will and minds the plea of no man or woman." Stephen King-Wizard and Glass

"Your new CD is wonderful! I especially love the song "Ka Like the Wind". It Is beautiful!!! I look forward to enjoying this CD for many years to come". - Kathy, East Harwich, MA

More than a little shaken by the knowledge that the Wolves were coming for you, you continue on. Your mind is confused, and your reason for being here in this strange world is muddled. The world which seemed exciting, offering you the adventure of a lifetime, has become worn and tattered around the edges. Trouble lurks in every shadow, and you realize, for the first time, you are in physical danger. This is not a game. The dark forces that want this and all worlds to move on have turned their blood shot eyes on a new target - you.

Suddenly, ahead of you just off the path, you see something. Afraid, you duck behind a tree and cautiously peer out. The thing is a man. His back is turned towards you, his head slumped forward. Tangles of gray hair plunge down his back, and the sounds of snoring can be heard in the otherwise silent forest.

Still cautious, you come out from behind the tree and approach the man.

In a soft voice, you try to get the man's attention. "Excuse me sir. I don't mean to startle you but…"

The man's head springs up and he wheels around to face you. You let out a loud gasp and stumble backwards. Where the man's head should be is instead a blank computer screen. His - its - body looks perfectly normal, and great bushels of gray hair outline his - its - face - screen.

Its black, lifeless screen stares at you. You begin to back away from the machine, when finally it speaks to you in a tinny, mechanical voice. "Please do not go. I have been waiting for you." As these words are spoken, a green line squiggles across its black face.

Still afraid, your fight or flight instinct leaning toward the latter, you ask, "Waiting for me? For what possible reason in this insane world would you be waiting for me?"

"To help you understand why you are here," the machine/man answers.

You laugh, a short, harsh, bark. "Awww come on. There's no real reason why I'm here. I fell through some kind of worm hole, or black hole, or maybe it was just a common everyday man hole, and that's why I'm here. There's no rhyme or reason. Everybody keeps telling me that I'm here to save this world, and them, but just exactly how in the hell am I supposed to do that?"

The machine/man starts to speak, but you are on a roll, "And maybe you, the great and powerful Oz, can tell me why I would want to save this world? What has it done for me lately except scare the living crap out of me!" You fall silent, staring at the machine's blank face.

"You are here," the man/machine finally responds, "because it is your destiny… your Ka, as it were."

"My Ka? Sounds like something my friends back east would say… "Park the Ka, but not too fa." You laugh at your own little joke. "What in the world is Ka?"

The man/machine, apparently having no sense of humor, replies matter-of-factly. "Ka is what makes this and all worlds function. It is no more than the fate of the simplest particle, and no less than the fate of all worlds. Ka is what brought you here, and Ka is what will see you through, regardless of the outcome."

Fear grips you again. "Do you know what my 'outcome' will be?" you ask, not really wanting to hear the answer.

"No one can know Ka, with the possible exception of the Crimson King, but even that is not certain. Maybe a simple rhyme I was programmed with decades ago will help you remember the concept of Ka:"

     Ka like a wind
     Ka like a wheel
     No matter its form
     Your fate it will seal

The machine/man's face goes blank again.

Feeling more frightened than ever, your instinct tells you to run, and this time you obey it. You bolt past the machine, and continue along, following the Beam. As the gap between you and the machine widens, you hear its mechanical voice on the wind:


     Ka like a wind
     Ka like a wheel
     No matter its form
     Your life it will steal

Artist Note: The most "new age" sounding track on the CD, it was also the last to be completed. I had some difficulty deciding in what spot to place this track on the CD. Up to this point, the songs were following a logical progression from 'Crossing Over' to finally reaching the tower in 'Childe Roland'. It occured to me, that similar to the books, the tone of the final songs had taken a much darker and menacing turn. I finally decided to put 'Ka' between the two intense tracks of 'Thunderclap' and 'Crimson King' as a breather before the final push to the Tower. (p.s. At the very end of 'Ka', I added a tribute to the late great composer Elmer Bernstein. Does it sound familiar?)

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