Territories: Track 2 (4:55)

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Gilead (city of love and light)

"Later, the two of them had walked the high battlements above Mid-World's last living city-green and gorgeous Gilead in the morning sun, with its pennons flapping and the vendors in the streets of the Old Quarter and horses trotting on the bridle paths which radiated out from the palace standing at the heart of everything." Stephen King-Wizard and Glass

"When I found your site I was overjoyed. And when I found the songs, and clicked on Gilead, I almost cried. You have been able to capture exactly what I feel when I picture Gilead. Thank you. How did you put together this wonderful piece of music?" - Taryn, California

A few days after arriving in the territories, you crest a densely wooded hill and, through a small clearing in the trees, spy a great walled city in the distance. You stand and stare, unable to believe your eyes, at the graceful spires those walls contain as they rise and disappear into the clouds above.

As you approach, sure that the city must be only for the privileged few, you begin to hear laughter and music. More importantly, you begin to smell food. You have had little more than nuts and berries to eat since you have arrived in this world.

Your appetite awakens as the unmistakable scent of roasting meat grows stronger in your nostrils and urges you forward. Much to your surprise, the gates to the city are wide open and you enter, still afraid that you will be thrown out by the city's guards.

But, quite the contrary. Immediately upon entering, a large hand claps you on the shoulder and thrusts a mug of ale into your left hand, and a roasted turkey leg into your right. Suprised by your good fortune, but not so suprized that you don't devour the food and drink in an instant - you drift through the broad streets of Gilead, city of love and light.

As you wander, music comes from all quarters. Stunningly beautiful maidens skip by, laughing and singing, a sound that makes your heart and spirit soar. Everyone seems genuinely happy to see you, a stranger, in their city.

It's been an exhilarating day, and you find an Inn that has room for you to spend the night. Before retiring, you decide that there is still time for one more mug of ale, so you find a quiet table where you can rest and recount the day's events in your mind.

You overhear a hushed conversation between two men at the next table. Could what they are saying possibly be true? Could this wonderful city that you have only begun to explore be in danger? And who is this person who can save Gilead from "moving on"? You turn discreetly to get a look at the two men, and find that they are staring at you.

Artist Note: Completed in November of 2002, the second track on the 'Territories' CD is probably the one that I enjoy listening to the most. This song just seemed to flow from my mind without any effort and was completed quickly and without a struggle. Though this song is comprised mainly of synthesized instruments, I am particularly fond of the soaring and regal brass tracks that make up much of the main melodic elements within the composition.

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