Territories: Track 1 (6:19)

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Crossing Over

"Speedy was gone. The graceful arcs of the roller coaster against the sky were gone. Boardwalk Avenue was gone. He was someplace else now. He was ---

'In the Territories,' Jack whispered, his entire body crawling with a mad mixture of exhileration. He could feel the hair stirring on the nape of his neck, could feel a goofed-up grin pulling at the corners of his mouth. 'Speedy, I'm here, my God, I'm here in the Territories!'" Stephen King and Peter Straub-The Talisman

"The music is heroic in nature, heavily instrumented and mood-driven, vaguely reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings Score." - Bev Vincent, From the Dead Zone

Gray sky. Gray mood. Gray soul. This is how you feel as you awake and face the day. Another day that is just like all of the others that have gone before. Wake up, go to work, come home, sleep, only to repeat the cycle an untold number of times.

On your way to work, as you lean into the freshening wind and brace yourself against the coming storm, you drop your briefcase. To your complete surprise, the briefcase sits momentarily on the sidewalk and then, impossibly, falls through it. Before you have time to think, you lunge for your briefcase and find yourself following it through the sidewalk and into unfamiliar surroundings.

Struck dumb at first, you begin to look around. The sky is a shade of blue that you have never seen. You take a deep breath and inhale air that is so intoxicatingly fresh it makes you giddy. Green, gently rolling hills extend to the horizon as you slowly turn and look in all directions.

Still dazed and confused, but infused with a feeling of joy that is difficult to contain, you begin to walk. Why you have chosen the direction you are walking you do not know, but you are sure it is the right way.

After several minutes, a small, but very spry, old man emerges from the woods on your right, and crosses into your path. You pull up, shocked and more than a bit frightened. Before you can react, the man speaks.

"Welcome," he says in a deep, baritone voice. "Welcome to our world. We have been waiting for you. I trust you will find your stay here enjoyable and fruitful. We are very happy that you have finally arrived."

Shaking off the initial shock, you finally find your tongue. "What is this place? How did I get here?"

"You crossed over through a thin spot," the man replies matter-of-factly. Seeing the confused look on your face, he continues, "A thin spot in the fabric of time itself. You have left your world and entered ours."

As if his explanation answered all of your questions, the man turns and scurries across the path and continues on his way. He immediately disappears from sight, but you hear him yell, "Follow the Beam! Follow the Beam and you will be fine! Follow it and we will all be fine!".

More confused than ever, but more alive than you have felt in years, you continue on, wondering what "the Beam" is, and how/why you should follow it. A million questions run through your mind, but for the moment, they seem trivial. You are just content to have found this place.

Artist Note: The first track on the 'Territories' CD, 'Crossing Over' was also the first composition written for this project. Completed in February of 2002, it is an interesting combination of classical and synthesized instruments. This song marked my return to music composition after a layoff of many years. Because of that, it holds a special place in my heart and is still one of my favorite songs.

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