Territories: Track 10 (6:03)

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Court of the Crimson King

"To speak of The Beast is to to speak of the ruination of one's own soul." Stephen King-The Gunslinger

"I just heard your track 'In the Court of the Crimson King' while searching for the work by the older progressive rock group 'King Crimson'. I have to tell you that I was STUNNED by how powerful and beautiful YOUR work is. I've just listened to it for the fifth time in a row. Thank you." - Mike, Jacksonville, FL

Ka…Ka…Ka. The word turns over and over in your mind. Is it true? Is it your destiny to save this world and its people? Or, is it your destiny simply to try and save this world and its people from the forces that wish to destroy it? You don't know. You are tired and confused. Your body and mind are weary beyond reason. Your legs feel as if they are made of lead and they refuse to listen to your overworked brain any longer. You fall to your knees, too exhausted to go on. Tears flow freely.

In a moment, a vision begins to fill your mind. You see it clearly, and are unable to shake it. You see a room, high up in a tower. It is the same tower that the Oracle you encountered earlier showed you, of that you are certain.

In this room, shrouded in a cloak the color of dried blood, is a man. His face is hidden in shadow. He is known as Ram Abbalah, or the Crimson King.

In your vision, the Crimson King slowly moves out of the shadow and towards you. He is stunningly handsome, his chiseled features and dark hair bathed in a radiant light from above.

As he moves closer, the mask he is wearing falls away. Left in its place is a hideous creature, gaping mouth showing jagged yellow teeth, saliva dripping from the corners of its deformed lips.

You open your mouth to scream but no sound emerges. The vision is not through with you quite yet.

You learn that this creature, Ram Abbalah, in a bid to garner control over all worlds, attempted to ascend through all levels of the tower. While reaching levels higher than anyone before him, he soon found himself trapped, unable to travel further up, or retreat the way he came.

Ram Abbalah, the Crimson King, still wields great power. Through his minions and with the help of his Breakers, he hopes to one day be set free. With all worlds in chaos and the Tower destroyed, he would be the ruler of worlds beyond telling.

The vision releases you and the scream you have been trying to release is torn from your lungs. Spent and frightened, your mind tells you to turn back but surprisingly, you find your feet again and continue along the path of the Beam, towards the Tower.

Artist Note: Completed in March of 2003, this piece was a difficult birth from the very start. I did a fair amount of experimentation with sound-on-sound layering to come up with wholly unique timbres. This, along with the many different instruments and sound effects used in various sections of the composition caused this song to use far more tracks than any other song to-date. About three quarters of the way through I was forced to upgrade my equipment to be able to complete the piece. The melancholy melodic lines of this song help to convey the sorrowful quality that I was trying to achieve throughout the composition. Though this song was troublesome in many ways, I am ultimately pleased with the outcome.

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