Territories: Track 3 (5:54)

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Along the Path of the Beam

"And the answer that occurred to him seemed both totally nuts and perfectly reasonable: All things serve the Beam." Stephen King-The Wastelands

"There’s also an impressive “Along the Path of the Beam”… You remember Eddie seeing the Beam? That’s exactly what I felt myself – everything followed the Beam’s path – the wind, the clouds, the leaves… Everything followed the magnetic power of the Beam!" - Dmitry Golomolzin, StephenKing.ru

After your first night in Gilead, you awake to find that dozens upon dozens of notes, some written in the high speech of the very wealthy, some barely more than unintelligible scratchings, have been slid under your door. They all carry the same message: "Follow The Beam. Save us all."

Unnerved, you leave your room in search of breakfast. As you walk through the Inn and out into the streets of Gilead, people all around you huddle together forming little knots. They talk in low whispers and point at you. An old man dressed in long flowing robes stops immediately in front of you and drops to his knees.

Head bowed, the old man begins chanting something that you can't quite make out. He then looks up at you, and in a clear, ageless voice, says, "We have waited long and long for your arrival. Follow The Beam. Save us all."

Now completely confused, you stammer, "The Beam? What is The Beam? How do I find it?"

Wordlessly, the old man shifts his gaze from your face to the sky overhead, and points a long, gnarled finger.

You also look overhead. At first you see nothing except a crow flying across the bright cloudless sky. Suddenly, as the bird continues its flight, it swerves in mid-air, taking a violent shift to the left before continuing on its course. Then you see it: a slight, narrow distortion of the sky itself, slowly and rhythmically undulating as it stretches towards the horizon.

"Is that The Beam?" you ask.

"Follow The Beam. Save us all." the old man responds. The other citizens of Gilead begin to take up the chant. "Follow The Beam. Save us all. Follow The Beam. Save us all."

Reluctantly, you leave Gilead behind, certain that you must follow The Beam, but unsure as to why.

Afraid that you may lose your way, you soon realize that The Beam, once seen, cannot be unseen. While you are somewhat unnerved by the events of the morning, the lush, green rolling hills that you are traveling through soon restore the excitement and anticipation that you felt upon first arriving in this world.

Please take time to enjoy the birds and wildflowers as you travel but be advised: the landscape is apt to change abruptly, and may not always be this tranquil. This world is moving on, and your fate as well of the fate of this and all worlds, lies along the path of The Beam.

Artist Note: The third track on the 'Territories' CD was actually the second song completed...well sort of. The least complex song turned out to be the most frustrating. I knew what I wanted for this song but I just couldn't seem to get it right. After each song I finished, I came back to 'Beam' and worked on it a little more. It turned out that the second song I finished was also the last song that I finished.

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