With a Little Help From My Friends


"Ladies and gentlemen, my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you!" - George M Cohan

So many people to thank and so little time, so lets begin…

Special thanks to my wife, Cindy, for her support during the creation of the 'Territories'. She was very instrumental in helping me find the time to work on this project. She has been very supportive in all aspects of the creation of this 'CD' and her opinions have gone a long way in helping me make many tough decisions. I love you Cin Lou.

My children, Eric and Rachel, have been a big help with my music. They were very patient with me when I forced them to listen to my songs over and over again. Special thanks to Rachel who always gave me her honest opinion, whether it was what I wanted to hear or not. I made many modifications to my music based on her uncensored observations.

Thanks to my brother, Kerry Downing, for all of the work that he put into writing the story of the 'Territories'. If he knew what he was getting into, he probably would have told me to get lost.

Thanks to my nephew, Josh Downing, whose talent as a graphic artist has been a big help in the creation of this web site.

To my old friend and long time partner in music, Jim Baumgartner, who kept pushing me to get back into music. I might have never gotten back into writing if it wasn't for his constant nagging. Just kidding Yames.

I was fortunate to find the master of mastering, Anthony Casuccio at Xtream Audio. He was great to work with and never failed to answer my questions no matter how trivial and no matter what time of the day these thoughts happened to occur to me.

Thanks to Scott Cheshier at Corbis who took pity on a poor starving artist when I worked with him on purchasing the rights to artwork for this project.

A most special thanks to the one and only Stephen King, whose masterpiece, the books of the Dark Tower, were the inspiration for this project. I was motivated to write a soundtrack for a story I hope is never turned into a movie. No one could ever do it the justice that it deserves.

Anthony Schwethelm (The Antman!) is the webmaster and chief architect of the web site www.darktowercompendium.com. His enthusiasm for the "Territories" project and his help in marketing the CD has been valuable beyond words. I've also enjoyed corresponding with him. He is a very enterprising young man. Meeting people such as Anthony has been a great unexpected benefit associated with releasing my work to the public.

Much gratitude to Lilja at Lilja's Library. Even though music is not what his web site is about, he agreed to review the "Territories" CD and announce it to his world-wide following of Stephen King fans. He was the first to advertise the project and has played a very large role in its success. Lilja, if there is anything I can ever do for you, do not hesitate to ask.

An accomplished writer, author of "The Road to the Dark Tower" and all around nice guy, Bev Vincent was one of the first people to write about the "Territories" project in the many posting boards of which he is a member. He is a very busy fellow, but still found time to help spread the word about the CD. Many thanks Bev.

My heartfelt thanks go out to Dmitry Golomolzin who is spreading the word about Stephen King and related works in Russia with his web site www.stephenking.ru. I couldn't have been more thrilled to have my work and words available to the Russian audience. Besides, seeing the "Story of the Territories" written in Russian is really quite amazing.