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A Soundtrack Inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower Series

Travel to the World of the Dark Tower

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Experience the World of the Dark Tower All Over Again

Like many fans of Stephen King's Dark Tower books, do you miss the Gunslinger's world? Have you read and re-read the books, listened to them on tape, anything to help you find that doorway into Mid-World again? Let the music of the 'Territories' be your doorway!

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Cross Over

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Begin your journey by 'Crossing Over' into the world of the 'Territories'.

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Explore the world of the Dark Tower inspired world of the 'Territories' by clicking here

Revisit the people and places of mid-world that you have missed.

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Experience the world of the Dark Tower all over again by clicking here

Arrive again at the Dark Tower, silhouetted against the setting sun.

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'Territories' Is A Hit

"One word, one simple word, jumped into my head when I popped this little beauty into my CD player: WOW!" - Anthony Schwethelm, Dark Tower Compendium

"I want my Dark Tower fix when I listen to this CD." - Hans-Ake Lilja, Liljas Library

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